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Bake it at home


This is a downloadable leaflet for baking your own gluten free dog treats.

Once you have purchased the leaflet – you will automatically be sent a link to download it.

I get asked by owners of dogs with delicate tummies how to give them nutritious treats without upsetting their digestion all the time.

And that’s because I have studied all about gluten digesting problems and learnt how to bake gluten free for my own dogs.  I then took it a step further and registered with DEFRA and became a home manufacturer of dog treats.

For the first time I will be releasing some of the recipes I have created so that you can bake healthy, flavoursome, tummy loving treats at home so that you can give your own dogs the treats they love.

With each release you will get 4 flavours of treats – each based around a theme.  There will be full baking instructions – along with a few tips and tricks – and recommendations of what I actually use to bake with.

Each leaflet will have a different selection of treats so you can collect the set with out getting 2 the same.


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