Posh Dog Knitting Pattern – Basket weave pattern dog jumper


Keep your doggies neck warm


This is the downloadable copy of the knitting pattern for the Basket weave pattern dog jumper.

The Posh Dog Clothing have opened up their own pattern designs so that you can work your own Posh jumper for your furry pal.

With no technical language and no jargon – these patterns are written especially for the beginner to follow. Any special techniques are fully explained – and there are often tips on taking the pattern designs further.

Each pattern concentrates one 1 style – and several sizes are provided from the tinys – to the larger chaps.

This pattern is for The Basket weave pattern jumper.  Basket weave is a really simple technique that produces a fantastic look . It comes in various colour styles within the same design. It is an over the shoulders jumper with a roll or crew neck. There is a wide under body piece which will keep the tummy warm. The under chest piece has a knitted texture to it, and button holes do work if you need them too. The leg hole is wide and soft – so you don’t need to keep undoing the buttons if you don’t want to.
These can be knitted in just about any colour combination you fancy – so it’s a great way to use up your scraps.

The pattern can be worked in 5 sizes


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