Handmade Posh Dog Toy – Fish tug toy – small size


Cleans their teeth while you play

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Fishy shape fleece dog toy

Stuffed fish shape toy with loose tail and a pull handle.  The fish is made from polar fleece – which is super strong and lasts for ages.  Fleece is gentle on the dog’s mouth and actually cleans the teeth while they play.  The handle is cotton tape and is stitched through the top seam, goes through the centre of the fish, and is stitched at the tail end for extra security.  The body seam has an overlock stitch which is strong and flexible for durability and stretch.

Small – 6″ (approx)

Noise – no noise

These toys are super strong and will last your pet much longer that the commercial shop bought ones.
** The filling is hypoallergenic and has passed British Standards EN71, BS1425, BS5852
Fabric composition: 100% Polyester fleece
Pop in the wash with your normal load when they get too sticky!!!!!

The picture is an example of the design.  These are made in a random assortment of fleece colours and patterns – I will take one from the toy box unless you ask me to avoid a particular colour.


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