Handmade Posh Dog Lead – 041 – double ended multi use style – purple / boy


Super strong –    and comfy to use

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Fabric: purple polar fleece backed with a grosgrain ribbon
Width: 1 1/2″
Length: 74″
Clip: 2 x silver colour trigger clip 1″ – and 3 D rings

You get the best of all worlds with this range.  You have the lightness and softness of a fabric – combined with the strength and durability of fleece – and the grosgrain backing means that the leads don’t have the give in them that the braided ones do.

The double ended lead is my favorite style – it is just so useful.  There is a long strip with a clip on each end.  3 D rings are spaced at approximately 3″ –  17″ – 52   ” from one end.

  • You can clip the clips to any of the D rings making it longer or shorter.
  • You can clip one end to a pole or spike to ‘tether’ the dog
  • you can have a dog at each end
  • you can clip it to a small handle shape
  • you can clip it so it is a long double strip handle
  • you can use it full length
  • you can wrap the lead round your waist leaving your hands free
  • you can wrap the lead round your hand incomfort
  • super strong for dogs that tug
  • great for dogs you don’t  want to let off the lead – but you want them to have sniffing rights

The leads can be washed – pop in a sock first so they don’t tangle with the rest of the washing – put a spot of oil on the clasp when it’s dry

All the Posh Dog range is handmade in The Lake District by me. Each item is unique – the length, colours, style  vary with each collar / lead.  Please double-check the details and length before you order to avoid disappointment.



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