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For your own little Super Hero

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In the dark winter days – when it’s raining – when you are snuggled up cosy and warm – you don’t want to keep jumping up to let the dog out – or keep to have the door wide open ‘just in case’. – Perhaps you live in a flat – or just don’t have outside access.

Train your dog / cat to ask to go out with my doggie doorbell training aid – relax in peace – and never get caught out again!

Or you can use it to train your dog to come in from the garden – come for their diner – come to you for any reason – which ever task you will find the most useful for you and your pet.

Ribbon: blue patterned grosgrain ribbon – Super Hero theme
Backing: 100% cotton herringbone tape in green
Snaps: 1 x back – 2 x fronts at different heights
Plus – 2 x D rings – 6 x large jingle bells – 6 x large split rings

The complete length of the doorbell is 39″.  The patterned ribbon is backed with a matching 100%cotton herringbone tape for strength.  There are 2 sets of large jingle bells – each with 3 bells attached to metal D rings with split rings so that they move freely to make a good noise.  The D rings are set right at the bottom of the ribbon length – then about 5″ up.  The D rings are sewn in place  – they won’t move.

The handle end is adjustable to give you a bit of flexibility as to where you hang it.  There is a push snap at the very other end of the ribbon which will fasten on snaps set at about 10″ and 17″ from the end.  I like to mix and match the colours and shapes of the snaps.  Measurements are approximate.

Full training instructions will be sent with the doorbell.

All my items listed are finished products waiting to be sent out to you.  I don’t repeat repeat designs once they have sold so get them while you can.


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