Made with carob – a safe chocolate substitute


As you will be aware Chocolate is not suitable for dogs. Luckily there is a safe alternative – which they love.  Not only does carob not contain caffeine or the theobromine that makes chocolate so deadly for dogs, but it actually has many healthy properties. Carob contains plenty of vitamins and minerals, plus fibre and pectin, too.

The mint can help freshen their breath.

Ingredients: Dove’s Rice Flour, Oat Flour (home milled), H&B Rough Ground Polenta, Teff Flour,  Siesta Organic Carob with Mint Essence, Free Range Egg, Water

Minimum Net weight: 30g

Store in a cool, dry place.  Best consumed within 4 months of the baking date.

This is a treat for your dog – it is not a substitute for a meal.


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