B-B-Q Chicken


Fresh Chicken, homemade B-B-Q sauce


Chicken is a low allergy food – high in protean and low in fat.  I buy chicken thighs from the ‘proper’ butcher round the corner.  He bones them for me – and I puree them myself.  I do not pre-boil the chicken to mush – it is used raw in the treats so that all the goodness is preserved during the baking

Ingredients: fresh chicken thigh, H&B Buckwheat flour, H&B rough ground polenta, homemade barbecue sauce (tomato paste, honey, balsamic vinegar), South Lakeland free range egg, Dove’s Rice Flour to roll

Minimum Net weight: 30g

Store in a cool, dry place.  Best consumed within 12 weeks of the baking date.

This is a treat for your dog – it is not a substitute for a meal.


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