How to commission a special size

Some breads have strange proportions!  Dachshunds have small tummies and v-e-r-y long backs – the staff group are the opposite- big chests and short middles.  I can make just about any size or shape jumper or coat (Dog Christmas outfit) – all I need is a few measurements – and an idea of your colour choice.

Whether you have in mind what you would like – or you would just like to explore what is possible and find out some costs – I am always happy to answer your questions.  When we have finalized the design you would like – and worked out the size you need – I will email you some colour choices.  I will need payment before I start the work – and I will keep you up to date with progress photos.  Most commissions are completed in about 10 days – it depends on what else I have in work – but I will let you know before I start.  I don’t charge extra for commission work as such – the prices depend on the finished size of the garment and the fabric used (Dog Christmas outfit).

For a jumper or coat

– I will need the length down the dog’s back – from the back of the neck to wherever you want the garment to finish
– the measurement around the chest – just behind the legs
– and it always helps to have the tummy measurement too

For a collar

I will need an neck measurement

– and if it’s for a Martingale – I will need a head measurement.  Remember to include any ‘big ears’ – spaniels have a particular issue with this

If you are looking for a belly band or season pants

I will need a measurement just in front of their hip bones.

Disabled wear like drag bags and full-body vest and pants will need special attention to make sure everything is as comfortable as possible for the dog so I will need extra measurements –  we need to be touch all through the process.